Sunday, 6 January 2008

Should I start to worry?

I have not packed, or more to the point purchased a bag to pack into.
I have not had any Rabies injections ( minor oversight.) I'm either leaving on Saturday 12th Jan or Monday 14th Jan- date still pending... VISA still pending...

Anyway, things have a habit of working out so who is worrying?

I'm off to South Africa and I can assure you I am leaving behind any notions of martyrdom or 'save the world;' although all compliments are gladly received at anytime.

The idea is to heal, empower and inspire through sport- not such a difficult task then. Ahem. Details to follow.

Although I have learnt that to try and be 'less assuming' in the rural areas I should wear a baseball cap. At nearly 6ft tool, a huge mouth and blonde hair I fear, alas, this may be a little unachievable. Anyhow I do not want to be unassuming, I want to integrate myself and my team fully into the community. All in a day's work.

So please let South Africa know I'm coming; for their protection not my own!

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