Saturday, 9 February 2008

You called be called Karabo...

Lefiswane Community Visit. Hot, long drive, mules in the road, holes in the road, children in the road, mad drivers, no air con, dusty, hot.

We arrived for a site visit to give the Norwegiens a chance to experience working with the schools and coaching; and us to assess their skills. With 50% of Africa's population under 18.. in one small rural community there were 2000 children. These 2000 children all wanted to play... us 7 volunteers, the 40 g\dgree heat, the pot holes facility found this a challenge-- but we succeeded. My finest moment was teaching 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' to a group of 100 3-5 years old. We visited 2 schools- and a footy practice (where clearly I had no input than to watch and nod!)

When you think about development you always wonder if it really works- and who you are helping. Well, you only have to go to a village like that to see that those inhabitants- they benefit directly. From your time, your skill sharing and your willingness to learn too. We were the first whites some of the children had seen, and in a post Apartheid country (only 94) we have a broad mantle to carry in respect to levelling some equality.

We had a tradition meal; pap (maize), potato, meat, beans- it was good. There is no running water but the house was immaculate.. 4 generations of female lived there- the men are conspicious by their absences- they are lots of reasons for this.

I was called Karabo- which means 'the answer' the answer to SCORE and Sport said one. Before I allowed myself to get flattered, the others laughed and said she is also the baby snatcher from our favourite soap opera (ha, they had me sussed pretty quick!)

I head to Apel tomorrow, I have mobile contact but not sure of internet. I am really missing everyone at the moment; so keep showering the love.

I'm off for a coffee... and a hand picked mango :)


Griglet said...

really missing you too beans - in tew tew this weekend and weird not just popping over for a glass of the pinot with my bell. i miss your pit! will be down again soon though and i promised your mum i would go and see her for some pinda love- she still coming over in april with pomp?
how is the job though - sounds like you already realise how worthwhile its guna be.
cant wait to come and see you although knowing that u will have been there 10 months, i believe a shagaluf ala 2003 spray tan may be in order!! o and a few thousand sit ups!
hope the lippy lip is sweating like a dream!
love you loads
oink x

small said...

'i need my fucking caffein'...

There she is! Just left the gils in Cardiff with wine and cake- see nothing changes. Went out for a few last night and went around the bay today lovely sun actually quite warm. Girls on top form-i've been crying with laughter all weekend.
Here in London now ready for tomorrow- when i say ready i'm not lost thanks to my hero edward evans- who ran to save me in brixton when i was lost with no phone battery. All good here- obviously miss you man beast.

Glad your eating your 5 a day.

BIg love X